Using Optifine


Optifine is a mod that has been developed to reduce the load of Minecraft on your computer. The mod works towards increasing FPS, lowering processing requirements and most importantly for our site, reducing the amount of memory needed by Minecraft.


According to a survey on the Minecraft forum (linked below) almost 60% of users saw their FPS at least doubled! Over 95% saw an improvement of any kind.

As you may expect any mod that increases the performance of Minecraft will also be useful to help prevent the Minecraft Has Run Out of  Memory! error appearing. Key to this mod is that it smooths out the lag spikes in Minecraft. This has the effect of reducing the impact and number of times your computer will encounter an event which will strain the memory and cause a crash.

This mod is really easy to install with the help of the newly developed “Magic Launcher”. For assistance installing Optifine then make sure to check out the Minecraft Forum for the download link and instructions.

We personally highly recommend this method as we have both personal and anecdotal evidence of the power of Optifine. We would like to say a big thanks to the developer “sp614x” for the time and effort put into the mod.

Some users may already be familiar with Optifine because it is included in Tekkit and the Technic Pack. In fact, some players actually report increased performance and lowered instance of the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error in these mod packs. This is thanks to Optifine. If you already have either of these mod packs installed then you will not be able to install Optifine on anything but your vanilla Minecraft client.

You can also reduce the memory load of Minecraft on your PC by following some of our other recommended methods listed below in conjunction with Optifine. These can be found on our Fixes page.