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Advanced OpenGL for Minecraft

Advanced OpenGL is found in the Video Settings section of Minecraft. The issue with this setting is that it isn’t explained very well and most players don’t even know what it does. If you want to know whether you should have Advanced OpenGL On or Off then you’re in the right place. The main question […]

What Causes the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory Error?

The Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error occurs when the amount of memory that your PC has available to run Minecraft  is exceeded by the game. The amount of RAM Minecraft has to run is limited by two factors: The amount of RAM your PC has installed. The amount of RAM allocated to Minecraft. […]

Installing 64-bit Java for Minecraft

If you are using a 64-bit operating system then an often highly effective way of improving the performance of Minecraft and avoiding the Minecraft Has Ran Out of Memory crash is to install 64-bit Java. The 64-bit Java is a much newer, cleaner and faster runtime environment for Minecraft to operate within. Because of this […]

Using Optifine

Optifine is a mod that has been developed to reduce the load of Minecraft on your computer. The mod works towards increasing FPS, lowering processing requirements and most importantly for our site, reducing the amount of memory needed by Minecraft.   According to a survey on the Minecraft forum (linked below) almost 60% of users saw their […]

Running Minecraft on an Old Computer

Running Minecraft on an old computer is often the cause of  the Minecraft Has Run out of Memory error. Many gamers are suckered into thinking that Minecraft is a simple game to run because of its simplistic graphics and blocky style. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As a bare minimum it is suggested […]

Running Minecraft on a Laptop

Gamers running Minecraft on a laptop are (in general) much more likely to encounter errors when playing Minecraft. Many laptops (especially netbooks) have a lower amount of RAM than their PC counterparts. This means that Minecraft will be more susceptible to encountering the Minecraft Has Run Out Of Memory error. Furthermore, the graphics cards in […]

Changing Minecraft Priority in Task Manager

One of the first and most often suggested fixes for the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error is to go into the Task Manager and change the priority of Minecraft, allocating more memory and processing power to the program. Before we start, make sure you have other background programs such as iTunes, browsers and […]

Allocating Minecraft More Memory

Allocating Minecraft more memory is probably thee best way to prevent the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory crash. Increasing the amount of RAM available to Minecraft  is a virtually guaranteed method to stop the crash happening in the future. However, you are first going to have to know how much RAM your computer has. Due to […]

Running Minecraft on the Lowest Settings

Running Minecraft on the lowest settings is probably our quickest and easiest Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory fix. This will help reduce the load Minecraft takes on your computer. We fully understand that playing Minecraft on the lowest settings probably isn’t the most exciting way to play. That said, many users are fooled by […]