System Requirements


Knowing the system requirements for Minecraft is of vital importance when trying to figure out why you are receiving the “Minecraft Has Ran Out of Memory” error message. The most important stat to worry about here when trying to fix the memory error is the amount of RAM that is needed to run Minecraft.

Below are the minimum requirements listed by Mojang (the developers of Minecraft) on their website:

  • CPU : Intel P4/NetBurst Architecture or its AMD Equivalent (AMD K7)
  • RAM : 2GB
  • GPU : Intel GMA 950 or AMD Equivalent
  • HDD : At least 90MB for Game Core and Sound Files

However, these are only the minimum requirements; therefore your computer may be struggling to run Minecraft even if it matches up with all of these requirements. Below are the recommended system requirements given by Mojang for running Minecraft:

  • CPU : Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz
  • RAM : 4GB
  • GPU : GeForce 6xxx or ATI Radeon 9xxx and up with OpenGL 2 Support (Excluding Integrated Chipsets)
  • HDD : 150MB

Mojang also states that you should be running the correct version of Java respective to your Operating System, for more information on this see our guide.