Running Minecraft on an Old Computer


Running Minecraft on an old computer is often the cause of  the Minecraft Has Run out of Memory error. Many gamers are suckered into thinking that Minecraft is a simple game to run because of its simplistic graphics and blocky style. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a bare minimum it is suggested you have 2GB of RAM to run Minecraft according to Mojang. Computers that were built only a few years ago can sometimes have 1GB or less! To further exacerbate this problem older PCs will frequently have substandard processors and graphics cards too.

Furthermore, Minecraft will operate better in 64-bit Java. Older computers are much more likely to have a 32-bit OS and therefore cannot run 64-bit Java which would have otherwise increased performance.

To learn how to check how much RAM is installed on your PC then make sure to check our quick guide on the subject. You will then want to compare your system with the specifications outlined on our System Requirements page.

If you feel that the amount of RAM on your PC is lower than the amount specified by the system requirements then you may want to try some of our fixes to try and increase the performance of Minecraft and try and prevent the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error. However if your computer does not meet the system requirements then you may want to consider upgrading.