Running Minecraft on a Laptop


Gamers running Minecraft on a laptop are (in general) much more likely to encounter errors when playing Minecraft. Many laptops (especially netbooks) have a lower amount of RAM than their PC counterparts. This means that Minecraft will be more susceptible to encountering the Minecraft Has Run Out Of Memory error.

Furthermore, the graphics cards in many laptops are often very poor in comparison to even entry level gaming PCs. Laptops are much more likely to have integrated graphics or HD graphics cards. These graphics processors are pretty poor in comparison to your standard gaming video card.

Your typical laptop simply isn’t designed for gaming. This is largely due to them being optimised for work, internet browsing and playing music movies. This is the leading cause for low FPS that is so common amongst users running Minecraft on a laptop. If you want a laptop that can run Minecraft you’d be much better off looking for a specially designed gaming laptop.

For users already playing Minecraft on their laptops you may want to try some of our fixes which are applicable to both PC and laptop users alike.

We do have some quick fixes though which are highly recommended for readers running Minecraft on a laptop.

The first, very simple fix is to go into your laptop’s power options and change your usage to “High Performance“. This will allow your laptop to operate at the top of its capacity, rather than conserving power as it would otherwise.

Secondly, laptop users are much more likely to benefit from having Advanced OpenGL turned on in the video settings. We have a full guide on Advanced OpenGL here. This setting prevents parts of the world being rendered when they are not being actively viewed by the player. This has the effect of increasing the load on your processor, but decreasing the amount of work your graphics card has to do. This is exactly what laptop users want.