Minecraft: Pi Edition | Minecraft for Raspberry Pi


The release of Minecraft: Pi Edition is sure to please Minecraft and Raspberry Pi owners alike. Maybe if you have encountered the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory crash on your standard PC (even after trying all of our fixes) then you might want to consider playing Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi instead.

Minecraft: Pi Edition | The Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi is a fully-functional Linux computer that costs less than $50. Admittedly, it isn’t as powerful as even a basic PC that you might have in your house, but it is awesome for using as a media center, browsing the internet and even running some retro games all whilst getting to grips with some basic programming skills in the process.

Minecraft: Pi Edition for Raspberry Pi

With some simple Googling the Raspbery Pi becomes a very accessible mini-computer than has some fun and functional uses. Visit the Raspberry Pi site for more information.

The idea behind the Raspberry Pi project is to provide an affordable means to teach children basic IT skills and get people familiar with programming and the ins-and-outs of IT technology. Despite it’s charitable cause the Raspberry Pi is available to purchase worldwide for absolutely anyone.

At under $50 the Raspberry Pi is by far and away the cheapest option on which you can run Minecraft! With the correct leads you can hook up the Raspberry Pi to almost any TV! Check out the Raspberry Pi on Amazon.com.

Minecraft: Pi Edition | The Game

The official Raspberry Pi site announced on February 12th 2013 that the Mojang had officially developed and released Minecraft for Raspberry Pi. What’s even better is that Minecraft: Pi Edition is free!

The game is more comparable to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, limiting itself to building similar to in Creative Mode. This is understandable considering the limited processing and graphical power of the Raspberry Pi. That said though, the game has been tailor made to work on the Raspberry Pi you are very unlikely to experience any performance issues.

For instructions on how to download, install and run Minecraft: Pi Edition then check out Mojang’s official post. Alternatively check out the videos below for a tutorial and some gameplay footage.

Minecraft: Pi Edition | Installation

Minecraft Pi Edition | Gameplay Footage

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