Is Minecraft Down? Cant Connect to


It can be frustrating trying to login to play Minecraft but being told you can’t. A common reason for being unable to connect to the servers is due to having typed in the wrong login information or a temporary connectivity issue with your computer.

However, if you are a constantly having issues connecting to then it may be the case that Minecraft is down.

minecraft is down error

Currently the servers are averaging around 96% uptime, although this does mean they occasionally go down. In order to check if is down there are a variety of tools you can use.

The tools which we find most useful have been listed below:

All of these tools will tell you within 5 minutes accuracy whether or not is down.

If the Minecraft servers are up and you are still having trouble connecting then you may benefit from reading our guide on logins. Alternatively try closing and reopening your Minecraft client, forcing an update or restarting your computer. There has also been some evidence that turning your internet router on and off has resolved issues for some.

If you have information regarding connectivity issues or why Minecraft is down make sure to leave a comment below!

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