How to Set Up a Minecraft Server Using Hamachi


Setting up your Minecraft server using Hamachi is often perceived as doing it the “easy way”. If you want a big Minecraft server that can be accessed by the general public then this isn’t what you’re looking for, but if you want a Minecraft server that can quickly and easily be set up for you and your friends for free then look no further!

Setting Up the Hamachi Network

The first step to this guide is to download the free Hamachi software which can be found here from the full link below. The installation is the same as every other program you’ll ever have used.

Once the download and installation is complete on your computer you will want to start up the LogMeIn Hamachi software and open up the Network tab and select “Create a New Network”. You are then going to want to give your Network a new name to easily identify it. Something as simple as Minecraft Server will do! You can also set a password too if you only want a select group of friends that you tell the password to be able to access the network. Make sure this isn’t the same password that you use for your other accounts as you’re going to have to tell your friends it!

Click through this menu and there you, you have your brand new network!

Setting Up Your Minecraft Server for Hamachi

Now the first half is done you will need to go to the official Minecraft website and download the Minecraft_Server.exe file. Click here to go to the site or follow the link below:

Now before you go on create a new folder on your desktop called “Minecraft Server” or something you’re easily going to be able to find. Then drag your Minecraft_Server.exe file into that new folder. This ensures that everything is kept neat and tidy in one place so that you will easily be able to manage your Minecraft server in the future.

Now you are going to want to fire up your Minecraft_Server.exe for a few seconds and then close it again. You’ll now notice that you’ll have a couple of .txt files in your Minecraft server folder.

You need to open up the file containing the server properties. In this there is a list of settings that will affect your gameplay for your Minecraft server as well as the setup. You can worry about fiddling around with these later, but for now just look at the “server-ip=” setting that is highlighted below:

How to Set Up a Minecraft Server Using Hamachi

You need to change this setting to the IP address that is shown by your new Hamachi network. This network code will be in the following format:

Each one of the four sets of numbers will be a number between 1 and 255. You will use this as your Server Address when connecting to the server for the first time.

Once you’ve fired up your Minecraft_Server.exe and it tells you that the setup is 100% ready then you can jump onto your new Minecraft server!

Getting Your Friends Connected to your New Hamachi Minecraft Server

For your friends to connect they must also have Hamachi installed to their computers. Once installation is done they need to open up their Hamachi program and click “Join Existing Network”. From there they need to insert the network name and password that you specified in the beginning of this guide. (This is why it is useful to pick a name and password that is easy to remember!)

Then they will be able to connect to your new Minecraft server through the Minecraft launcher using the same IP that you have! All done!

Now you can enjoy playing Minecraft online without any port forwarding, router settings or paying for a paid server!

If you have any tips on how to set up a Minecraft server using Hamachi that we may have missed make sure to leave us a comment below!

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