How to Migrate a Minecraft Account to a Mojang Account


Migrating your Minecraft account to a Mojang account is a great way of both consolidating all Mojang games that you have purchased into one account and making your account more secure in the process.

When you buy a Minecraft account half of your login details are open to the public; your Username is openly visible to anyone you play with online. This means that to access an account all someone needs to do is guess, hack or phish your password.

Migrating your Minecraft account is a great way to make your account more secure as it attaches a private, hidden email address to your account too. This means that if anyone else tries to access your account they are going to have to discover the email address for your account too.

Adding an email address to your new Mojang account has the added advantage of allowing you to set security questions and to receive password recovery emails should you ever lose your login information.

A final, often overlooked perk of having a Mojang account is that it also means that nobody can have your username in any other Mojang game. “John” in Minecraft is now going to permanently be reserved on Scrolls and any other future Mojang product.

How to Migrate Your Minecraft Account

Migrating your Minecraft account is really quick and really easy. Simply visit the Mojang website (linked below) and enter your details and follow through by adding a new email address to your account. We’ve also included Mojang’s official guide to the process if you feel the need to read more.

Migration Form:

Mojang Guide:

One final thing worth noting is that if you are trying to login to Minecraft with a Mojang account you will now have to use your email address instead of your Minecraft username. If you don’t remember to login in with an email you will be greeted with a “Failed to Login: Bad Login” message. Don’t worry though, your character and username will still appear exactly the same once you’re in the game!

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