How to Install Tekkit


Installing Tekkit


We’ve had a lot of readers contacting us asking how to install Tekkit, so we’ve decided to write a short guide on the subject. We believe this is the easiest, quickest and safest way to install Tekkit. The files that you need to download come from the trusted developers of Tekkit and the Technic Pack.

Tekkit contains a group of mods which add a whole host of new content to Minecraft. This includes the Optifine mod which we recommend using if you are experiencing performance issues when playing Minecraft. A lot of users assume that installing mods is a difficult process, but in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth; especially in the case of Tekkit.

The first thing you will want to do is visit the official website of the Tekkit mod pack and download the launcher. To visit the site click here or see the link below:

Note: Make sure that you download the version that is applicable to your operating system!

You might want to drag the Technic Pack launcher file you’ve just downloaded onto your desktop so that it is easier to find and load up Tekkit in the future.

Once you’ve located the launcher all you have to do is open up the downloaded file and give it a few seconds to load up. This will then open up a Launcher window similar to what you’d usually see if you were running vanilla Minecraft.

And that’s it, you’ve installed Tekkit!

Running Tekkit

Once you have the Technic Pack launcher open you may be wondering how to run the Tekkit mod pack specifically. In order to do this go to the drop down menu at the top left hand of the screen (shown below). You can then scroll down and pick which of the mod packs you wish to play.

How to Install Tekkit

Make sure that you remember to put the log-in details for your regular Minecraft account in the bottom right hand corner of the menu otherwise you won’t be able to log on and play.

Each one of the mod packs has a different variation and amount of mods so you’ll need to play through each and see which one suits your play style the best.

Due to the fact that Tekkit and the Technic Pack contain a lot of mods they can be much more memory intensive, causing the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error amongst others. On the other hand some users actually report a performance increase when playing Minecraft. This is largely due to the inclusion of the Optifine mod.

Do you have any other suggestions or information regarding how to install Tekkit? Make sure to leave a comment below so we can improve our guide!

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