What causes the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory crash?” is probably our most frequently asked question. In essence it is because the amount of memory that your computer has to run Minecraft is exceeded by the game. This usually happens when the game is under a heavy load. Check our guides for everything else you need to know about the problem.

What Causes the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory Error?

We look at the technical reasons behind why the error occurs. This can be because you don’t have enough RAM in your PC, you haven’t got the correct version of Java or you haven’t allocated Minecraft more memory. Do you know what’s causing your problem?

Running Minecraft on an Old Computer

Running Minecraft on an old computer can cause many problems whilst playing. The Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error is only one of them. If you are a user playing on an old PC then make sure to check out this guide to the problems it may cause and the things you can do to fix them.

Running Minecraft on a Laptop

Laptops are now as popular as (if not more popular than) desktops. This means that a huge proportion of the Minecraft community are having issues running Minecraft on their laptop. Do you know why the error is appearing you, and what you can do to fix it?