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This Application Requires A Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0

A frustrating issues which can crop up when attempting to launch and play Minecraft is an error which displays, stating that “This Application Requires A Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0”. Even when you have Java installed a fully up to date you can still be haunted by problems causing Minecraft to be able to run on […]

5 Minecraft Facts You Didn’t Even Know You Didn’t Know!

Minecraft Fact #1 Feeding an angry wolf will make it tilt its head as it attacks! Minecraft Fact #2 Pushing a boat on snow will clear up snow! Minecraft Fact #3 Skeletons can’t see through sugarcane! Minecraft Fact #4 It’s possible to connect Minecraft Pi Edition to Minecraft Pocket Edition! Minecraft Fact #5 The background […]

Fixing The Internal Exception Connection Reset Error in Minecraft

If you have been playing Minecraft online and have encountered the Internal Exception Connection Reset error then you’ve landed on the right page. This error message occurs when a user tries to connect to a Minecraft server, but for some reason your client has been unable to do so.   One of the first […]

Is Minecraft Down? Cant Connect to

It can be frustrating trying to login to play Minecraft but being told you can’t. A common reason for being unable to connect to the servers is due to having typed in the wrong login information or a temporary connectivity issue with your computer. However, if you are a constantly having issues connecting to […]

How to Fix the Failed to Login: Bad Login Error in Minecraft

If you are encountering the Failed to Login: Bad Login error even when using a valid, purchase Minecraft account then you will know how annoying it is to not be able to access your favourite game. We’ve got a few quick and easy fixes that you can use to avoid the Bad Login error appearing […]

How to Migrate a Minecraft Account to a Mojang Account

Migrating your Minecraft account to a Mojang account is a great way of both consolidating all Mojang games that you have purchased into one account and making your account more secure in the process. When you buy a Minecraft account half of your login details are open to the public; your Username is openly visible […]

How to Install Tekkit

Installing Tekkit   We’ve had a lot of readers contacting us asking how to install Tekkit, so we’ve decided to write a short guide on the subject. We believe this is the easiest, quickest and safest way to install Tekkit. The files that you need to download come from the trusted developers of Tekkit and the Technic […]

How to Fix the Minecraft Bad Video Card Drivers Crash

The Minecraft “Bad Video Card Drivers” Crash can be just as frustrating as the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory crash which a lot of our site is centred around. We frequently receive questions from readers about how to fix this problem so we’ve decided to put together a quick guide on the steps you can take […]

Adding More Memory (RAM) to Your PC

Upgrading your computer for Minecraft by installing more RAM is a great way to avoid the Out of Memory error. If you have found that your computer’s RAM is below the recommended amount on our system requirements page then this fix may be the one for you. The Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error […]

Cheap Computers for Running Minecraft

We’ve had a lot of demand recently for cheap PCs that can run Minecraft so here we’ve selected some of the best cheap gaming desktops to run Minecraft. We’ve tried to keep all of the desktops at around the $500 mark so that we feel they are reasonably priced. If you are thinking about looking […]