Adding More Memory (RAM) to Your PC


Upgrading your computer for Minecraft by installing more RAM is a great way to avoid the Out of Memory error. If you have found that your computer’s RAM is below the recommended amount on our system requirements page then this fix may be the one for you.

The Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error is caused by your computer running out of RAM to process Minecraft. Therefore it is only logical to consider upgrading this component. Increased amounts of RAM will benefit the overall performance of your computer, not just Minecraft. Furthermore, installing more RAM into your PC is the most cost effective and easiest way to upgrade.

Don’t believe me? The recommended amount for running Minecraft is 4GB;  RAM upgrades of size price cost as little as $20 or £16 from Amazon. Considering this is less than the cost of Minecraft itself it is incredible value!

Kingston 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit for £16

Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit for $20

When upgrading your computer for Minecraft we recommend these memory kits, simply because they are so cost effective and they bring your computer’s RAM right up to what Mojang recommend. Even older PCs should be able to handle this RAM upgrade. Often upgrading to 2GB costs the same amount as 4GB, so you may as well move up to this upgrade and future-proof your PC in the process.

However, if you feel that you want a serious upgrade for your computer’s RAM then 8GB is available from below $40 or £40! This can help with multi-tasking and running programs in the background whilst playing Minecraft. This is above and beyond the recommended amount set out by Mojang.

Corsair 8GB DDR3 Memory Kit for £40

Crucial 8GB DDR3 Memory Kit for $40

Now that we’ve got price out of the way, are you worried that you know nothing about computers? Maybe thinking upgrading isn’t for you? Well, as I said earlier upgrading RAM is the easiest upgrade of all for your computer. The video below shows just how simple it is. Once opened up most computers look very similar inside, so this video will be true for you too! Alternatively check out this really simple guide by PC World.

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