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If you have encountered the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory crash then we’re the site you need!

Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory


This screen is all too familiar for some users. What is even more annoying is the fact that there may not even be anything wrong with your game or your computer if you’ve seen this. Because of the way Java and Minecraft interact even high-end computers can have issues when running the game.


Here at MinecraftHasRunOutOfMemory.com we’ve gathered the most useful and effective fixes for this memory error as well as some priceless guides and resources you cannot do without.

Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory : Fixes

We can help you find a fix on our Fixes page and send you on your way! We find that most of our readers recommend the “Allocating More Memory” and “Installing 64-bit Java”. These tend to be the most effective methods of preventing the memory error from happening, especially if you are running Minecraft on PC that should be able to handle it.

Even if you are not suffering from the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory crash then a lot of these fixes will also improve the performance of Minecraft. For instance, installing the latest version of Java and using the Optifine mod are especially useful to make Minecraft run more smoothly and increase frame rate.

Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory : Causes

We can also help you understand what is causing the problem on our Causes page, which can be the first step towards fixing your problem.

In essence, Minecraft crashes when the amount of memory that it is using is more than is available to it. This can be caused by either Minecraft taking up much too memory because of having too many mods installed or using overly complex redstone machinery. More commonly though however it is to do with the set up of Minecraft or your computer; to address these problems make sure to go back and check our fixes page.


Before you start though you may want to consider checking the amount of RAM you have on your computer and comparing it with our System Requirements page. If there is a mismatch then you may have to try some of our fixes to help your computer along.

For more resources and help make sure to check out our navigation bar at the top, and if you are still struggling make sure to give us a shout on Twitter where we can do our best to help you more. We specialise in the “Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory” error, of course, but we will always do our best to help you out with any other questions too!

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 “Thanks guys, my gaming PC should have been able run Minecraft, but it was only once I’d allocated more memory like you suggested that it stopped crashing!” – Mark

“I’m glad I ran into your site before my son’s birthday otherwise I would have ended up buying a laptop that couldn’t run Minecraft. Thank you.” – Angie

“My laptop was having some issues running Minecraft, the Minecraft has run out of memory error being one of them. It wasn’t until I learned about Optifine from your site that I managed to get it running more smoothly” – Joseph